The title of the exhibition takes its name from the Present Perfect Progressive tense, which emphasizes the continuous and ongoing nature of an action. Similarly, the works on display reflect an ongoing process of creation, capturing moments in time within a larger narrative of artistic evolution. The Present Perfect Progressive tense, describes actions that started in the past and continue to the present moment. Its emphasis on duration and its use to describe temporary actions or situations is showcased in various artworks that explore the complex time-based relationships between past, present, and future. A diverse range of artists who work in various mediums and styles are showcased. They all share a commitment to explore the temporal nature of the human experience with its implications through living conditions, technological advancement, societal structures in contrast of aiming for personal development and growth. The works in the exhibition invite viewers to reflect on the ways in which our perceptions of time shape our understanding of the world around us. Sometimes a single moment defines the whole course of a life. The exhibition contemplates and captures the fleeting nature of moments in time and the way in which our memories are constructed and our brains gives meaning to them. The impermanence of our surroundings contributes to a growing, ever-changing world. The viewers of the exhibition are invited to reflect on the complexities of time and the ways in which our perceptions of it shape our understanding of the world. Through the works of contemporary artists, we are reminded that everything is in constant evolution and there is no clear path for the future – it has to be re-calibrated by acting upon changing circumstances. The past is never truly gone, the present is always in motion, and the future is always full of possibility.

As Buckminster Fuller, visionary architect, systems theorist, and futurist, stated, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Present Perfect Progressive: Classic T-Shirt
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