Theresa Volpp

Theresa Volpp *1988 Künzelsau, DE, lives and works in Berlin, DE and Zurich, CH. Volpp’s work refuses to rest within the confines of traditional painting and the interpretive parameters defining what it ought or ought not to be. Seeking inspiration everywhere, from architecture and urban structures, to vernacular objects found in natural and man-made surroundings, to elements of street culture such as fashion, graffiti and fast cars, Theresa Volpp draws from a seemingly endless source of colorful and vibrant references to make visual statements about the potential function of painting in today’s visual culture and its aesthetic value to address the world. So instead of claiming a higher social or political motivation for the medium, Volpp demonstrates painting’s power to exist in different states of temporality and varying contexts, and still be irrefutably urgent in this very moment.