Ruscha Voormann

Ruscha Voormann *1992 in Flensburg, DE, lives and works in Munich, DE. Transformative processes are at the center of her work. At the beginning of her career, she explored the interfaces between figurative and abstract painting. Now she devotes herself exclusively to abstraction, continually developing new techniques with which she tests the fluid transition between conscious, arbitrary control and mere, pure chance. debuts recent large-format, abstract compositions made of acrylic and plexiglas. In these dynamic pictures, the artist pulls acrylic paint between a plexiglas plate (often in the shape of round disc) and the surface of the canvas. The plates, though rotated in controlled targeting movements, are an experiment in the tensions between control and loss of control. The artist considers her works a visual metaphor for coping with life and balancing between what we can control and surrendering to the unconscious.