Roberto Cuellar

Roberto Cuellar *1987 Tlaxcala, MX, lives and works in Berlin, DE. Cuellar’s works move between installation and sculpture, interior design and urban art. At the age of twelve, he discovered skateboarding and created his first skateable installations. Cuellar’s work has a clear geometric and graphic formal language. With technically complex constructions, he creates sceneries from materials such as wood, steel, plastic, lighting and other components. These skateable installations are characterized by the idea of interaction: they are in formal language exchange with the space that surrounds them, transforms it, shapes it, and aims to establish new and durable modes of use. Cuellar's works invite the audience to walk and navigate the sculptures. They become performers and shape the works by leaving traces of wear and tear. „Skateboarding is a highly individual and versatile form of expression and therefore per se also an art form."